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$ 150

Per Hour2 hour minimum

Fetish Modeling

$ 200

Per Hour

Half Day

$ 550

Per Half Day

Full Day

$ 1000

Per Day
2 weeks or less - 50%*
7 days or less - 100%*
*% of the total agreed-upon fee.

For a booking to be considered, I kindly ask that you fill out the form at the bottom of the page and acknowledge that you have read through and agree to the terms of my rates, cancellation policy, and deposit information.

Hourly rates include time spent on set for makeup, hair, setup, dressing time, cleanup, signing of releases, etc.

If you and another photographer would like to book me and split the time, be aware that I charge $50 extra per 2-hour shoot, $100 extra per half-day, and $200 extra per full-day. All photographers must be approved in advance.


I request a non-refundable retainer fee that is 25% of the total shoot fee. The remainder of the payment is due at the beginning of the shoot.

Accepted Payment Methods:

*Venmo @jessaraymuse — *Paypal jessaraymuse@gmail.com — Zelle info available upon request

*Be sure to select “Friends and Family” so no fees are taken. Otherwise, you will be responsible to pay any additional remaining amount.

Deposits and cancellation fees help cover the time spent arranging the booking, adjusting my schedule, acquiring a new booking, and non-refundable travel expenses. Thank you for your understanding.

If the reason for cancellation is weather or illness-related, let’s try to reschedule the venue or date.

If I cancel the whole trip, you will be notified ASAP and any deposits will be refunded.



Art Nude, Boudoir, Life Modeling, Fetish Fashion, Costumes, Dance, Yoga, etc.
Outdoor Shoots
I am an experienced outdoor model. I scout locations for shoots everywhere I travel. I come almost overprepared with hiking shoes, sandals, water, a hat, sunscreen, a sun cover, a knife, toilet paper, a shovel, snacks, a first aid kit, bug spray, a blanket, a portable quick-dry towel, a bag to pack out trash and sometimes my camera.
Unless otherwise specified, I will arrive on set makeup-ready with a light natural makeup look to highlight my features. I have basic makeup skills which include a natural look and basic glamour. If anything more is required a makeup artist will need to be hired. Please note that I charge for time on set spent doing elaborate makeup.
I have naturally curly shoulder-length medium brown hair with a few gray hairs. I can style it up in a basic braid, ponytail, pigtails, messy, or neat bun. Anything more elaborate may require a hairstylist. I keep my legs and armpits shaved and always keep some bush.
I have a fit, yet curvy figure. My look features creamy skin with freckles, a birthmark on my right bum cheek, and a few scars. I have given birth twice now and am very fortunate to have almost no visible stretch marks. I have no tattoos, my ears are pierced and I have an unused belly button piercing.
Model Bag
My model bag includes my makeup kit, draping fabrics, sheer robes, some lingerie, a dress or two, a pair of heels, a yoga mat, collapsible hula hoops, etc. I mostly model nude with only a prop or two so please be sure to specify any wardrobe requirements.
Food at Shoots
I will often bring protein or superfood bars, fresh fruit & a smoothie. If you wish to bring me food and drinks here is a little idea of what I like. For drinks, I love juices, smoothies, tea(no caffeine), aloe, kombucha, water, etc. During a shoot, I prefer to eat light and clean. I like chips, salsa, and guacamole. Fresh fruit, or vegetables with dip, trail mix(no peanuts plz), etc.
Messy Shoots
If we are doing a body paint shoot, using glitter, food, or mudd please be prepared to set aside time at the end of the booking so I can clean up before leaving. This clean-up time is a part of the paid time on set.
Outdoor Shoots
I am a very experienced outdoor model. I pack hiking shoes and sandals, water, a hat, sunscreen, a sun cover, a knife, toilet paper, snacks, salt, a first aid kit, bug spray, aloe vera, my camera, and more!
I am comfortable within the limits that you see in my portfolio, please use this as a guide. I pose classy and artistically. I do not always worry about posing closed-legged, but it is not my intent to elicit a sexual response.
What is Light Fetish Fashion?
Fetish within my comfort zone includes shibari rope art, latex clothing, catsuits, pleather, leather harnesses, chokers, superficial cuffs & nylons.
NO Explicit spreads & “pink” shots
NO painful-looking bondage, no gags, no damsel in distress. 
NO Nude Selfies or Videos with You
Unless your concept calls for touching (such as body paint or applications **I can’t think of any other reason**).
Please ask before you touch me. I do not like to be touched without purpose. If you want me to move my leg or my hair please express that with words, 99% of the time I can do this all by myself.
IF my boundaries are crossed or I am made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe I will stop the shoot, full payment will be required and I will NOT sign the release.
If you have any further questions just ask. I am happy to elaborate.
For more info see the *About Me page.

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